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Feeling overwhelmed where you should get started brining your business online, or redesigning your current marketing strategy? Showcasing you biz online is necessary in 2019.  However, we know ALL the platforms, tools needed, and tactics can feel a bit much! 

The truth it is does not have to be! When you break each piece of your strategy down piece by piece you can get your busines online easily and in the right way. 

marketing strategy templates

Don’t waste time when it comes to your digital marketing and reaching your customers online.  What if you had a done for you marketing strategy template with real examples and tools that you just need to fill out to get started? 

The Marketing Biz Bundle walks you through each step of creating a marketing a digital marketing plan. It has actionable tactics to get your started and provides all of the resources and tools you will need to execute the plan. 

marketing plan template - marketing strategy template
Once You Have Worked Through This Course Bundle You Will Have:

✔ Completed an entire audit of your business online and learned about who is mentioning your business online.

✔  Defined your target market and ideal customer.

✔ Developed a proper budget for your marketing.

✔ Created a Digital Marketing Strategy using the Marketing Strategy Template.

✔ Setup content for your website.

✔ Choose the tools and software that you will use online.

✔ Created a content strategy and a proper SEO strategy for your website.

✔ Completed your social media content calendar and scheduled a month’s worth of posts.

✔ Filled out an email marketing plan for the entire month.

✔ Choose a free lead magnet for your website and write the copy for your email drip series.

✔ Learned how to run a successful and targeted Facebook Advertising Campaign.

  • Brick and Mortar business - Learn how to get your products and services online for your local clients.
  • Online Businesses - The strategy template will cover each step of creating your digital strategy.
  • Bloggers and Course Creators - Use the strategy guide to get your business up and you will love the help of all the content planning sheets included.
  • eCommerce Businesses - The strategy guide and resources apply to and have sections just for those specializing in eCommerce selling.
  • Marketing Consultants & Social Media Strategists - Ensure you have every detail completed and planned for your client. They will be wowed with this done for you strategy.

“This bundle is super helpful and has been invaluable to me in starting my business! It has literally everything I’ve been wracking my brain trying to come up with (and even stuff I didn’t realize I needed!) Well worth the price. Not to mention, Annelise provides excellent customer service if you have a question or concern.”

Natalie T.

“These documents saved me hours of searching online! The digital marketing plan template was a lifesaver — it helped me add a lot of value for my client. Also, Annelise’s prompt customer service was excellent when I reached out to her with questions!”


“Very thorough and user-friendly. This is great for getting started and ensuring all parts of your strategy are complete and nothing is left out. The checklists, calendar, and email planning sheet were also a great bonus. Thank you for saving me hours, probably even weeks of time with this package!”


“I have literally spent years trying to find marketing support that really got me. Annelise has given my business exactly what it needed and she is always there for me to help customize more creative ideas. Thank you, Annelise!”

Tina F.

“This saved me HOURS of work! The seller is very quick to respond and is very attentive! I HIGHLY recommend this shop!! Xx”

Daniela S

“literally HOURS of work already done for me! Best buy for my business!! thank you so much!!!!!!”

Vanessa D

The bundle will give you a total of 14 resourceful files to create a marketing strategy from start to finish. 

marketing strategy template
Instructions and Digital Revenue Road-map

Plan all your monthly emails as well as full script and examples for your next automated email drip campaign.

digital marketing strategy template
Digital Marketing Audit Template

Learn more about the accounts that you need to audit and how to get notifications about who is speaking about your brand online. 

Digital Marketing Plan Template

This 53 page booklet will provide you an easy to fill template that is customizable to your business.  Not only is it a template it is complete with examples and instructions on how to work through each area of your digital strategy. 

The Ultimate Checklists

The strategy refers to a a few checklists throughout so that when you are working on that section of your strategy you can ensure every detail is completed. 

Content Creation

Use the Content Idea list to learn more about what types of content you can and should publish on a daily basis. The content repurposing guide will give you many ideas on how to use the same piece of content multiple times. 

Facebook Ads CheatSheet

Become you own Facebook Ads manager! This Facebook Ads guide will teach you how to start running your own Facebook ads and walk thru the most common and successful types of ads, and when they should be used. 

Social Media Content Calendar

A social media content calendar for planning and scheduling your posts for the entire month. 

social media content calendar
Email Marketing Content Spreadsheet

Plan all your monthly emails as well as full script and examples for your next automated email drip campaign.

email marketing content planning sheet
Digital Reporting Template

Track your most important metrics and results for every platform.  This reporting template will walk through your website, keyword rankings, email marketing, social media and more. 

Your Business Is Waiting Today

Your team will thank you! Using the Marketing Biz Bundle, will not only save you time AND money, you can easily use the strategy template to build your busines online and drive more sales through online platforms.