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proposal for social media managers, social media proposal templates

Do you want to fast track your success as a social media or digital marketing manager? Don’t get stuck spending hours creating proposals, contracts, and client communication from scratch! Use a strategy and process from someone who has worked with many clients over the years and has had proven success with this method. 

social media proposal template, marketing proposal templates, templates for social media managers

Are you struggling to create a system in your business so that you can go from thinking about new business to booking new clients and signing profitable contracts? A detailed system that takes the client through an easy to understand proess will make huge impact in your social media management business. 

social media templates

Impress new clients and secure future business with a professional system. Get started booking new clients and taking them through the sales process with proven and easy to use templates for social media managers. Social media proposal templates, new client questionnaires and more. These templates have proven to bring new clients in the door and convert them into paying customers.  

Social Biz Bundle social media proposal template, social media contract template

Once you receive this package you will be able to do the followimg:

✔  Email potential business leads with a pre written and tested script

✔ Propose your services in a well laid out proposal with pricing and details that will convert 

✔ Provide a written contract of services to your clients

✔ Ask all of the right questions to your new clients with the new client questionnaire

✔ Provide a welcoming message to your clients with communication guidelines and how the project will move going forward 

Easily On-board New Clients

From the initial contact to closing the deal and starting the work this process will make it simple and professional.

Get the goods from someone who has experience with a wide range of clients and building a social media management business from scratch. Trust me, I learned a lot of things the hard way! Luckily if you have made it to this page you can take all the knowledge that I have used over the past 7 years to kick your business into gear.

Easy To Use

Customize each template to match your own template using all the .docx files attached.  Instructions and hows to’s included! 

Get the following with the Social Biz Bundle: 

pitch template for social media clients

Email Pitch Template

pitch template for social media clients

Get New Clients

social biz bundle - social media proposal template

Proposal Template

social biz bundle - social media proposal template

Write a Winning Proposal

social biz bundle - social media contract templates

Contract Template

social biz bundle - social media contract templates

Seal The Deal

Welcome Template

Onboarding New Clients

New Client Questionnaire

What You Need To Ask

Template Instructions

Important FAQ's Regarding The Social Biz Bundle

Stop wasting time perfecting your system and get your hands on this bundle now so that you can start working on your business and create beautiful work for those lucky clients of yours! 

social media proposal template, marketing proposal templates, templates for social media managers

This was exactly what I needed to get started and it saved me time not having to do them from scratch. They are well written, and very easy to customize as need be. I am extremely happy with my purchase!


This bundle is super helpful and has been invaluable to me in starting my business! It has literally everything I’ve been wracking my brain trying to come up with (and even stuff I didn’t realize I needed!) Well worth the price. Not to mention, Annelise provides excellent customer service if you have a question or concern.


This bundle is amazing! It has everything you need to get started working with clients and I love that everything is so customizable.
It has literally saved me from having to do hours of work 🙂


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