What To Include In Your Social Media Proposal

Writing a great social media management proposal is necessary to lock in a great client and a continued working relationship. A great proposal can also land you clients that may launch you into a new level of revenue so that you can grow your business even further.  Presenting a great proposal is your first step.

Here are 5 factors to increase your client base by sending out winning social media proposals:

Include an “About Me” Section

Before you even think about stated terms of service or what you want to charge, let the reader know who they are dealing with.  You cannot expect a client to know everything from only a phone call.  Details about your background you may not have discussed or they may need a refresher if they have been talking with various companies.  Ensure to include a short section that includes names, company, title, education, experience, and stand out points when it comes to your skills.

Credibility – Why Chose Your Company?

More than likely you are not the only company pitching your services, so make it simple and easy for your potential clients to understand why they should choose you over someone else.  You could include testimonials, past client projects, or references. Also, your own words of dedication and expertise are great reinforcement as to why you are desirable to work with.

Deliverables – When Will They See The Work?

Once you lay out the services that you will offer and the prices that go with them  (I did not touch on your services and prices that you are offering – but yes by now you should know this is part of the proposal too!) you should include the timeline of your deliverables.  If you already discussed a specific launch date or project timeline ensure that these dates reflect these.  Also, include any other requests or details in your service and deliverables that you previously discussed with them.

Remember you do not need to get highly technical in the proposal – this part will come further in the reports shall you start to work together, however you do want to address what will be done when it will be done and the problem it will be solving. Addressing their pain points would be their largest concern.


The final step to ensuring your proposal is ready to be sent off is accuracy.  Check it over and have someone else from your team or a trusted friend or family member ready it over for any mistakes. This includes grammar and spelling as well as your numbers.  Your total amount should reflect your services.  This may seem obvious but always double-check as you may switch out a price last minute or be working from a previous template.

The small details matter when it comes to a proposal and that is why double and triple checks are important at this stage.  If you have been working already with a client for a few months make a spelling error on one of their headlines this is of course embarrassing.  However, the relationship is likely established making a mistake more forgivable if previous work has been quality. If you send a proposal, the potential client has not seen any work you have done for them besides this proposal, so make the best of this opportunity!

Call To Action

Your potential clients should NEVER, I repeat NEVER sit to wonder what the next step is! Clearly state both in your email message and in your proposal document what they need to do to get in contact with you, or you will be following up with them in a specific time range. You can either propose a phone call or meeting after the contract has been read or include a place for a signature to lock in the proposal details.

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5 key factors to a winning social media proposal