Decoding Success: The Top Social Media Analytics Every Social Media Manager Should Monitor

Decoding Success: The Top Social Media Analytics Every Social Media Manager Should Monitor

Monitoring social media metrics for clients is a crucial aspect of a social media manager’s role. It involves tracking and analyzing various metrics to assess the performance of social media campaigns, understand audience behavior, and make data-driven decisions to achieve client goals. In the ever-evolving landscape of social media, data is the compass that guides savvy social media managers toward success. Understanding and leveraging social media analytics is paramount to crafting a winning strategy, boosting engagement, and driving tangible results. Here are some crucial social media metrics to keep track of in 2024:

Engagement Metrics – High engagement indicates that your audience finds your content valuable and interesting. Monitor likes, comments, shares, and overall interactions to gauge your content’s impact.

Key Metrics:
– Likes
– Comments
– Shares
– Click-Through Rate (CTR)

Reach and Impressions – Understand how far your content is reaching to assess your brand’s visibility and potential audience growth.
Key Metrics:
– Impressions
– Reach
– Virality

Follower Growth – A growing follower base signifies a widening audience and increased brand influence.
Key Metrics
– Follower growth rate
– Net new followers

Clicks and Conversions – Track the journey from social media to your website. Analyze clicks and conversions to measure the effectiveness of your call-to-action.
Key Metrics:
– Clicks on links
– Conversion rate

Audience Demographics – Understand your audience to tailor content that resonates. Analyze demographics to refine your targeting strategy.
Key Metrics:
– Age
– Gender
– Location
– Interests

Sentiment Analysis – Gauge the overall sentiment around your brand. Positive sentiment contributes to a favorable brand image.
Key Metrics:
– Sentiment score
– Mentions tone (positive, negative, neutral)

Top-Performing Content – Identify the content that resonates the most with your audience. Use insights to optimize future content creation.
Key Metrics:
– Most liked posts
– Most shared posts
– Top-performing hashtags

Social Listening Metrics – Monitor mentions of your brand to understand what people are saying. Responding promptly to both positive and negative mentions is crucial.
Key Metrics:
– Brand mentions
– Share of voice

Video Engagement – Video content is a powerhouse on social media. Analyze views, watch time, and engagement to refine your video strategy.
Key Metrics:
– Views
– Watch time
– Click-through rate for video links

Ad Performance – If you’re investing in social media advertising, it’s imperative to track the performance of your ads to optimize spend and improve targeting.

Key Metrics:
– Ad impressions
– Click-through rate (CTR)
– Conversion rate

Depending on the platforms you are using for social media scheduling like Hootsuite, Buffer, Sprout Social they typically all have analytics monitoring and reporting on their dashboard. It is also possible to use the native analytics provided by the platforms themselves.

Not only is it a part of your job to report to your clients, by regularly monitoring these top social media analytics, as a social media manager you can gain valuable insights, refine your strategy, and of course continue to help your clients grow their businesses.



Does AI Pose a Threat To Marketing Jobs?

Does AI Pose a Threat To Marketing Jobs?

As a digital marketer it’s natural to worry about the impact of artificial intelligence (AI) on our job roles. But before we all start packing it all in, let’s take some time to explore how AI may actually help us in the long run. First of all, social media managers, marketers and bloggers should not be overly concerned that AI will replace them entirely. In 2023 and beyond, AI is more likely to work in tandem with human professionals, rather than taking over their jobs entirely. This means that marketers and bloggers can use the power of AI to supplement their existing skill sets — allowing for increased efficiency and better performance. Too be honest my writers block is real and when AI can step in. Hallelujah!

AI can be used to curate content for social media posts, blog posts, emails and to analyse data and track trends. This can give marketers the competitive edge they need, allowing them to quickly respond to changing market conditions and target their customer base with more precision. For bloggers, AI can enable automated content creation — freeing up time for more creativity and in-depth research.

In the future, AI technology will continue to become more advanced, giving marketers and bloggers access to even more powerful tools. This means that social media managers, marketers and bloggers should be able to benefit from using AI in their strategies — increasing efficiency and allowing them to focus on higher-level tasks such as creative content creation, customer segmentation and audience targeting.

However, the use of AI in marketing doesn’t necessarily mean that social media managers and marketers need to worry about their job security. In fact, it could actually lead to an increase in demand for these roles — as more complex strategies require a human touch to be successful. I truly believe that AI will make the demand for the best ideas to come to life. In the past the  largest marketing budgets captured the most market share, then there was a shift to the most content capturing the eyes of potential buyers. Now with the help of automation and AI the best ideas will bring in the most success when it comes to marketing.

AI will continue to play a vital role in the marketing industry in 2023 and beyond. While it can help streamline processes, there is no substitute for human creativity and an understanding of consumer behavior.  As such, social media managers, marketers and bloggers shouldn’t be too worried about their job security — AI should be viewed as a tool to help them do their jobs better.

Looking into 2023 and beyond, the use of AI will continue to rise as more businesses invest in the technology. While AI may be able to automate some of the tasks involved in marketing and social media management, humans will still be needed. AI is likely to have a positive impact on the industry of social media management and marketing. It can save time, increase efficiency and help marketers better understand their customers. At the same time, it’s important to remember that AI is not a replacement for humans in this field — creativity and thoughtful analysis are still essential components of success.

Social Media Tips & The Current Worker Shortage

Social Media Tips & The Current Worker Shortage

The current worker shortage that companies face right now is putting employers in a tough spot.  It is causing businesses revenue loss and other extreme challenges.  According to a recent article from the Financial Post Eight-four per cent of companies say they expect to face problems hiring this year, with almost one-third reporting they currently have open positions they can’t find anyone to fill.  Between running into skills gaps and no one applying at all, filling vacant positions is proving to be challenging.

So why the current shortage?

Many who were working before the pandemic are choosing to put a pause on returning to the workforce full time combined with the temporary halt of immigration due to Covid-19 also caused a dip in the labor pool.  Another reason is just simple demographics. Our baby boomer population is aging and most have moved into retirement age or have choose to retire early.

The lack of a workforce for businesses is causing burnt out staff, reduced holidays, cancelled orders and in some case loss of business when they cant operate during the intended hours that they would normally.  Throw in the pandemic over the last year and a half and the mix is almost impossible for some businesses to keep their doors open.

Read More – Advertising Through a Crisis 

Using Social Media as an Employer

What can you do on social media? Employer branding is more important than ever during this time.  In fact 68% of Millennial’s, 54% of Gen-Xers, and 48% of Boomers indicated they visit an employer’s social media properties specifically to evaluate the employer’s brand. Ensure that your company is present on social media profiles that will attract job seekers.  As an employer we all like to glance at a potential employees LinkedIn profile.  As a company you should be present on the profile and going beyond that as well with Facebook and Instagram.

Using social media apps to share behind the scenes in your business and workplace fun is a great way to share with potential applicants what a great workplace that you do have. Consider speaking with your employees and letting them share on social media what they love about working within your company. If you truly have a great culture then they will want to speak about it.

Once you have established your culture and your platforms  you can create a social media strategy. Remember to stay consistent with your postings and always stay true to your mission and values on social media. Want more information about social media management services for your business? Send us an email at or visit our services page. 


The Best Websites for Free Stock Photos

The Best Websites for Free Stock Photos

Visuals are essential when it comes to online attention. It is important to understand though that you cannot use just any image that you Google online. So how do you find great images to add to your blog posts and social media posts?  Thanks to thousands of stunning free stock photos for you to use in your websites and projects – many of them without attribution. Here are some great ways to find beautiful images for FREE!


Free Stock Image Websites

Unsplash provides some of the most high-quality collections of photos online. There are over a million stunning photos from contributors all over the world that give access to royalty-free images with unlimited free downloads. Unsplash even has an iOS app, so that you can download pictures to your iPhone or iPad. There are also no ads on the site which makes it easier for viewing.


Pexels provides high quality and completely free stock photos licensed under the Creative Commons Zero (CC0) license. They have a large variety of images and videos.  When you download an image from Pexels you can choose the size of the image and.  This large stock photo site with have many ads for Shutterstock, iStock, and more.


free stock photo websites pixabay

Pixabay is one of the largest free stock photo sites online. One of the advantages Pixabay has is they offer free vectors and illustrations in addition to photos and videos.  You can choose from various types of resolutions before you download your image. Pixabay also has many links to paid sites such as iStock and Shutterstock which can cause complications when viewing photos.


Kaboompics is one of the most popular sources of free images for lifestyle, interior design, and specialized bloggers. With their search engine, you can not only search by keywords but also choose the main color scheme of the image that you would like. The photos are layaed out nicely and edited to perfection.

kaboom pics free stock images



For fun, quirky images check out Gratisography. They have a creative collection of free downloadable images with a fun and unusual spin to them. Their interesting images are great for social media posts and blog images when you want to capture attention. This website doesn’t have a large selection of photos but good for when you are looking for something different or “whimsical.”

Adobe Stock

free stock image websites

Adobe Stock is an excellent source of images, vectors, videos, and more.  This is a paid site however you can sign up for a free one month trial where you will receive 10 free images on their trial before charging.  As a marketing or social media manager, this website is excellent for creating marketing materials and other designs. The high-quality vectors and illustrations are also available in .eps formats.

Ivory Mix

free stock image websites

This is one of my hidden faves! The Ivory Mix photo library has a great selection of stock photos for bloggers. The owner creates and takes her own image to make beautiful layouts in all colors and styles. Ivory Mix has the option of a paid membership but you can also sign up for a free Ivory Mix account. This will give you access to over 500 free styled stock photos, weekly tips, and bonus monthly stock photos that are always on season for that given month.

New Old Stock

While there is not a large selection on this website if you are looking for a historic black and white photo you can find them here.  They are vintage photos from the public archives and are free of known copyright restrictions.


PicJumbo started this free stock photo site for bloggers and designers around the world.  It is a great resource for free photos that provide a business stock photo feel and not just for trendy photos. Photos are high quality however watch out for the swarm of ads that are on the site. This is inevitable of most sites that provide free value and resources.

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splitshire free stock images

Starting as a collection of photos from photographers over the course of 10 years and now has a large collection and millions of downloads.  Photos are great for websites, social media, and ebooks and separated into themes.  The Huffington Post and CNN even use SplitShire for photos sometimes.


free stock image sites for food

This stock site is packed with Foodie Friendly photos. It has highly visually appealing free food photos in high resolution that are great for websites, blogs, and social media. FoodiesFeed started with a single photographer who wanted to share his food photography for free and has now grown with many contributors sharing their food art photos to the site.


Not only is Canva a free tool to build gorgeous social media and marketing material, but there is also a section for free stock photos that can be inputted into your designs. Canva provides professional looking and easy to use templates for social media graphics, presentations, ebooks, videos, and more.

canva free stock photos


Looking for more great tools to help fast track your strategy? The Online Toolbox for Digital Marketing and much more is included in the Marketing Biz Bundle. An entire strategy template with all of the resources, checklists, and content planning calendars that you need to get started or build upon your current strategy. 

marketing biz bundle marketing strategy templates


the best websites for free stock photos



Driving More Organic Traffic To Your Facebook Business Page

Driving More Organic Traffic To Your Facebook Business Page

Yes, it’s true the Facebook game has been getting harder! A few years ago it was much easier to get results to your Facebook Page. In fact, all profiles and sites were created equal showing you the content that was published most recently at the top of the page. This game has changed and the algorithm is the deciding factor of who gets their content shown more. However, how can we blame them? There is more content than prime space making news feed real estate more competitive than ever. Facebook continues to make the platform more friendly and personalized for the user, showing content that peaks their specific interests. So how do you increase traffic to your Facebook Business Page?

Do you need to invest in Facebook ads or continue to rely on organic traffic? Facebook ads are great for a quick return but not everyone has the budget and the process in place for Facebook Ads. When you start to run ads to cold traffic it can eat up a budget quickly. If you can bring in more traffic from organic sources you can further down the line invest in paid traffic. Let’s take a look at a few methods of gaining organic Facebook Traffic.

Post At The Right Time

There is a reason why the rush hour radio ad time slots cost more. Well luckily with social media we don’t pay more to post at a prime time. If you post during prime time. There are some rules of thumb such as 7-9 pm and 12 pm-1 pm that typically shows spikes however the best way to determine your audience’s prime time is to look at your own data.  In your “Facebook Insights” tab under “Posts,” there is a section that shows the engagement for each day of the week as well as the reach for each hour of the day. This will help you to determine when to schedule your posts. 

Avoid Engagement Baiting

When we talk about engagement baiting we mean posting as then asking your audience to like, comment, share. Facebook did make a decision to decrease rankings with these types of posts. With enough craft though you can reword your posts to inspire others to comment without using keywords that Facebook may bump your post down.

For example instead of saying:

“Here is Andrea enjoying her favorite flavor, the mint chocolate chip. like and comment with your favorite flavor.”

Use this version instead:

We have a variety of amazing flavors. Andrea one of our power scoopers can’t stay away from the mint chocolate chip. Which flavor makes your taste buds dance?

Never Use Clickbait Material

Clickbait content tends to withhold information or create misleading titles pertaining to the actual content on the other side.  Always make sure that your title, subtitle, and article all have common titles and end goals of what the user will be sent to. Creating a link that misleads your audience will likely deter them from visiting your page again. 

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Use Link Posts

A link post uses the photo in the link instead of uploading a photo or video and adding a link. Link posts will show a preview of the page that they will click on with image, heading, and subtitle. This is much more comforting to click on than a foreign link, especially if you have used a URL shortener.

Reach out to those in the article

If you are mentioning other businesses in your article you can tag them through the Facebook Post.  If you currently have a lack of sharing it could just be that others are unaware that your content is there. Once they see it, especially when shining light on their business in a positive way it can be reshared easily. The number of shares from other accounts can lead to an explosion of organic growth.

Upload Videos Direct To Facebook

According to a Quintly Study videos that are directly uploaded to Facebook show an average 168% higher than for YouTube or Vimeo video links. This could partly be due to the fact that Facebook Native Video Uploads play directly in the feed and do not require another link click and upload outside of Facebook making them much simpler to view. 

Reach out for Contributors

More often is not always better when it comes to posting on Facebook.  If you are struggling to get content out on daily, it may be more efficient to go for fewer posts that provide more value instead of throwing content out for the sake of it.  Consider going with quality over quantity. A helpful article or post a couple of times a week will have readers diving into your posts and engaging with them much more if they are helpful. 

Run a Giveaway

Running a giveaway can help increase your organic Facebook reach. It can result in more likes, shares, and of course, follows of your page.  While asking others to share your post in order to be entered is against Facebook rules, you can always ask them to, for example, says “consider sharing this contest for your friends and family to enter now. ” There is the cost of the prize that will be offered, however, if you have a juicy prize and a sense of urgency to enter the campaign it will be sure to bring in a crowd of contestants which results in more attention to your page.  Do remember to state the rules clearly and follow all guidelines from Facebook when running your contest. 

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how to drive more organic traffic to your facebook business page