Advertising Through a Crisis – Social Media Marketing and Covid19

Advertising Through a Crisis – Social Media Marketing and Covid19

When it comes to Social Media Marketing and COVID19 I wish I could give you a handbook, a take-home method to just propel your marketing and social media into a full success.

I would call it “The Social Media Posting Guideline during a Pandemic.” 

The reality is it doesn’t exist and even more, unfortunately, this deadly virus is not leaving anytime soon. Businesses are down across the board. Some are up. For example, those selling food, toiletries, media, and fitness equipment are seeing rocket high stats, and those sites selling travel, luxury items, and real estate saw record high plummets.

Is this the new norm? We don’t really know. All that I know is that we cannot dwell on what we can’t do right now as business owners and marketers, but what we CAN do is pivot in a way to make the best of it and come through with our heads held as high as we can. We do know that users are online more now than ever, and digital presence should continue, as your audience will want to hear from you.

Focus on Their Current Needs

Situations have changed and therefore the way we approach our audience should change to the situation. Start with updating your audience on your current response to the crisis.  How things may have changed for your business or what you are doing for the community. Next focus on their current needs and situation.  Are they working from home and frustrated with time management? Are they trying to stay fit during this time? Do they need reassurance about the future? It’s ok to talk about the current pandemic and address what is going on.  You might start off with a line such as:

“Need something to keep the kids busy while you are working from home?”


“It’s ok to not feel ok during this time. COVID-19 has affected us in so many different ways, especially those that are alone.”

Also, it goes without saying that images speak louder than most words.  When it comes to marketing the use of images should be relatable to the user. Stick with what’s relevant during this time and avoid photos of large gatherings, people holding hands, etc.

Don’t Be a Salesman

We understand that sales are the bottom line of your business to survive, but this might not be the best time to throw out aggressive sales pitches for your products and services.  There are more people out there just not ready to buy at the moment.  Take a back seat when it comes to your business’s needs and focus on them, meaning your customers and audience. This means engaging your audience, bringing to light their problems, and how you can solve them is a great way to enlighten your audience.   Heck, why not even throw them a freebie by hosting a contest. Not only can you give back to someone this way, but you can also actually gain following by throwing a few freebies their way.

Jeep creates awareness for their brand without selling with the #StayOffTheRoad Campaign.

The Positives

Many experts believe the economy will continue to crash and we go into a deeper recession.  Unfortunately and very sadly many businesses will close their doors. As fewer companies use paid to advertise such as Google and Facebook Ads, there is less competition for ad spots which normally drives the CPC (Cost Per Click) up. Less inventory and increased web traffic mean cheaper ads.

Nielson is seeing a 60% increase in the amount of content users watch during this pandemic, resulting in a larger number of people at home on a regular basis. This means even if your business is closed you can focus on business retention. Keep users aware of your brand. Consider increasing your brand awareness by testing new paid advertising when it comes to Targeted Facebook Ads with a small budget. According to eMarketer Facebook saw an increase of 70% increase in usage of all of its apps in the month of March.

Facebook Offer Ads

Many people are not ready to purchase today, or even in the near future.  However, there is still a method to reach potential customers with savings.  Facebook Offer Ads allow users to view certain offers and save for a later date by opting into Facebook’s notification system. It will send a push reminding them about the saved promotion. Offer ads are not available on Instagram, only Facebook.

Would you like a complete Facebook Ads Cheat Sheet with step by step info when it comes to the set up of your Facebook Ad account and launching new ads?  This is just one of the sheets included in the Marketing Biz Bundle a starter bundle and course when it comes to launching a brand online.  Get 25% off using code BIZBUNDLE25 (Code has since been extended)


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Google My Business Listing

Don’t forget to change the settings on your Google listing, in the case that your storefront is closed or hours may have been reduced.  Remember to Choose the “Temporarily Closed” and not the “Permanently Closed,” as well as the hours of operation. You can also update the network through a post option to explain how your services have changed temporarily.

marketing during covid 19

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Importantly, don’t forget to adjust any current campaigns that you have running on social media that may include content that is simply not a good fit at this time. Minding your tone can help you save face in the long term. You would not want to make an insensitive mistake at this time. Let’s all work together to be empathetic, compassionate, and just kind to everyone!

Stay Safe everyone!   Annelise 🙂 

How To Prioritize Local SEO with Google Maps

How To Prioritize Local SEO with Google Maps

Want your business to show up so local customers can find you? The key is to prioritize local SEO with Google Maps. Local SEO is the act of optimizing a local business so that it ranks for local keywords such as  “Dentists in Seattle.” In fact, 46% of search queries have local intent, and “near me” searches continue to grow in popularity. Google Maps account is one of the main factors for ranking locally. Everyone strives to rank in the top three of local listings also known as the “The 3 Pack.” That is the first three results that show in both the Google Maps and the maps listings with local. When you click the “more place” icon below it, of course, you will get a list of all options.

local seo listing edmonton local SEO with Google Maps

Google Maps (Formerly known as Google Places) is managed through the Google My Business platforms which allow businesses to manage their presence through Google.  If you are a local business, with a physical location it is essential to have your business listed.  Besides your websites, it is one of the first platforms I recommend that businesses get listed on. Maps listings are the first to show even in an organic Google Search.  This means that if customers in your area are searching for your type of business, it can potentially show above all organic results and videos in Google Search.

Google Maps Setup

Setup and verification take just a few simple steps and is done through Google My Business.

Head over to and sign in to the Gmail account that you will associate with your business. Once you are in you will either choose the “Add Location” or Google will bring you directly to the create section for a new account.  You have the option to search and locate your business name and if not listed, click on the “Add your Business to Google” option. Then follow the steps that you are taken through in order to get more information about your business. It will ask for the category, location address, phone number, website, etc.  For your business’s Name, Address and Phone Number (NAP) ensure that it is relevant across all citations and directories. Copy and paste this information so that everything lines up according to “Street vs. St.” or “New York vs. NY” etc.

When it comes to categories there will only be one main service category to choose from a list of Google’s set categories. However, in addition to the main category, you can add more information in the additional subcategories and in the description section. This section allows for 750 characters of quality information about your business.  Using keywords that are relevant to your local area and business products or services will help you rank higher in the local map listings.

local seo setting up google maps, local business listings. local SEO with Google Maps

Google Map Verification

Verification can be done via mail or in some cases phone or text messages where you receive a phone call to your business’s local number that is listed.

local seo setting up google maps, local business listings.

If your verification is done via mail, once you receive the postcard from Google you will take the code that is inside and enter it into the verification box in your Google My Business listing. It will then take from 24-48 hours to verify your listing on Google. It will need to be verified in order to show in the feed.

You can look up your business to see if it is claimed. If it is not you will want to claim it. Search your business and in the results look directly to the right of the “Suggest an edit” link, and if you don’t see a second link called “Own this business?” then your GMB listing is verified. If you see that second link “Own this business?”, then your Google Listing is not verified in Google Maps.

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Location Authority

If your business is still not showing it may be because it lacks location authority.  In order to achieve more authority on your business listings, you can do a few things to keep your rankings up:

  1. Add more keywords that describe your products and services. Most people do not necessarily search for your business, they are searching for their needs so by adding keywords that will be searched for you can increase your chance of ranking for those search queries.
  2. Do not use a tracked phone number if possible as you will likely get a Toll Free number and Google prefers local numbers versus 1-800 numbers that are typically used for spam.
  3. Add photos to your profile. Listings that do not have a photo will only show a generic map photo.
  4.  Keep business hours updated. A business that is open is best!
  5. Use Schema Markup with your NAP (Name, Address, and Phone Number). Schema language adopted Google, Yahoo, and Bing make it easier to determine certain data sets within web pages.  It basically creates an enhanced description for search engines so it is a heck of a lot more desirable for search engines to find your business.  It is also known as direct data and can majorly help with local SEO. By wrapping your NAP in Schema, you can send notify Google and other search engines about the relevance and authority of your business.
  6. Add Your NAP to the Meta Data of your home page. Since you will have your website attached to your Google Maps listing your listing Google will also be looking at your site. In the back end of your homepage if you have a plugin such as Yoast SEO enabled you can add your Business Name, Category of Services, and of course city, address, and phone number.
  7. Ask for Google Reviews.

Google Reviews

Google favors listings with 5-star reviews. It also shows trustworthiness when it comes to the products or services that you provide.  Once your Google My Business account is verified and your Map is visible in local listings you can start to ask for Google Reviews. Reviews help your local maps listings rank above others in addition to a properly completed profile.

Getting reviews from customers can be tricky. Make sure to obtain the link to your Google Review Form and go to your Google Maps listing. Click “more information” and copy the direct link you find there. Share this link via social media and email to encourage reviews.

When emailing customers about their experience with a business I like to add a blurb about their service that gives the option of positive or negative feedback.  Positive feedback leads to the Google Review Page. Negative reviews lead to a contact page or an email to make further inquiries or discuss the situation. This keeps an unhappy customer from heading to your review page and offline.

It is important to know that if you have a new business and a new listing that it will take time overall. These tactics, however, can help the speed of the process and have your business listed within the map results.  If you have any questions or know of any tactics that have helped you with your Google Listing, leave a comment in the section below!

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How to prioritize local SEO with Google Maps

Facebook Scheduler Is Now Creator Studio

Facebook Scheduler Is Now Creator Studio

Looking to schedule Facebook posts lately but can’t find the scheduler lately?  Facebook has made some changes with regards to how we schedule posts.

This has been replaced with the Creator Studio.  Facebook is essentially asking us politely us to use Creator Studio or they wouldn’t keep us from using the scheduler on our Facebook Business Pages.  As you can see below the Facebook Scheduler is not working anymore and you only have the option to Backdate or Save Draft.

schedule Facebook posts Creator Studio Facebook scheduler not working

Creator Studio adds more posting options to your Facebook Page.  Included in the Creator Studio is the Content Library, Insights, Message Inbox, Monetization, Rights Manager, Sound Collection, and Pages.  This allows you an easy to access platform for all of the Facebook Pages that you manage.  You can view all of your pages results on one dashboard or you can open up each individual page to look into their individual analytics.

How To Schedule Posts On Facebook Creator Studio

If you don’t see the invitation no worries just head on to

Once you are into the platform and want to schedule a post, you just have to do the following to start posting:

  1. Select Create Post.

  2. Choose what to post.

    • Selecting Create Post to publish non-video content.

    • Select Upload Video to upload and compose a video post.

    • Select Post Video Across Pages to upload a video and crossposted it.

    • The Go Live option will start a live broadcast.

  3. Choose a Page to post to.

  4. Compose your post and select Publish.

schedule facebook posts creator studio

You can even batch upload weeks of content at one time using Creator Studio.

Creator Studio for Instagram Scheduling

Facebook Creator Studio is also available for Instagram.  The option to schedule Instagram posts in advance was not available previously through the Instagram platform.  A third party such as Planoly was necessary.  Now that this option is available it is a game-changer for Instagram Planning.  It has most of the same features that are available for Facebook such as a content library, messages, and analytics.

schedule facebook posts creator studio instagram creator studio facebook creator studio

The bad news…

You won’t be able to use it on your mobile phone. Instead, the Facebook Business Page App will allow you to schedule posts on your mobile.

Overall the Creator Studio is a valuable tool for managing your Facebook Pages, Insights, and Scheduling all in one manager. The best part is it’s free to use!

How not to get your Facebook Ads Rejected

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Halloween Marketing Ideas For Your Business

Halloween Marketing Ideas For Your Business

Exciting is Halloween is back! While a large portion of the population still celebrated last year, it still was a little different than years prior. Halloween 2021 however will ramp right back up as consumers spending is up and celebrations are almost all back to normal! Social Media and digital channels continue to play a huge role in marketing products. If you are having trouble coming up with Halloween Marketing Ideas and relating the holiday to your business we can help!

Consumers of all ages want to have fun on Halloween and are willing to spend!  With people opening their wallets for this holiday it is a great time to share your creative ideas and content for your business.  These ideas can help you get started when it comes to marketing for Halloween 2021.

Highlight Your Seasonal Products

You can use storytelling and always incorporate a link or easy to follow a call to action that leads viewers to the products shown in the video.

The Real Canadian Superstore shows their party planning supplies with this short video:


Home Depot showcases a DIY Halloween Decor Idea. You can then click to learn more about the products featured. 


View this post on Instagram


Stay on budget this year with #Halloween decor under $100. Tap the link in our bio to check it out.

A post shared by The Home Depot (@homedepot) on

 Marshalls shows how their everyday pieces can be made into a sophisticated Halloween Costume. 

halloween marketing ideas

Make a Halloween Campaign That Attracts an Audience!

Lush Cosmetics advertises their exfoliating scrub with a Halloween theme. 

lush comsmetics halloween social media campaign ideas

Julios Barrio – Edmonton, AB

Julios Bario is known for their famous BullDog drinks, and now they have kicked off a Halloween drink for a limited time. It is called the Pumpkin Spice Bulldog! Yum!

julios bario social media campaign halloween marketing ideas

Krisp Kreme Donuts

Not only do they change their logo to “Krispy Skreme” they have a large array of delicious looking Halloween themed donuts.

Krispy Kreme Halloween Donuts


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Halloween Blog Post Ideas

Check out your industry below if you are need of inspiration for blog post topics.

Beauty and Fashion
  • DIY Halloween costume ideas
  • Taking the best photos of your Halloween costume
  • Quick Face Paint Ideas for kids
  • Scary Face Paint Ideas you can do at home
  • Halloween Costume Ideas for under $10
  • Halloween printable ideas
Home Renovation/Designers/Real Estate
  • Watch out for these safety concerns when decorating for Halloween
  • Upcycle trash around your home to make Halloween decorations
  • Amazing Halloween home decor ideas
  • Where to purchase your Halloween decor.
  • Tricks for making your home the spookiest house on the block
  • The Ultimate List for throwing a Halloween party at home
  • Fun Family Events happening in the city on Halloween.
Health and Wellness Industry
  • How to not ruin your diet on Halloween
  • Healthy alternatives to chocolate and candy on Halloween
  • Delicious Halloween recipes under 100 calories
Food Industry and Bloggers
  • Pumpkin spice recipes
  • The best types of food to serve at your Halloween party
  • Easy to make Halloween cookie ideas
  • The ultimate list of Halloween cocktails
  • A beautiful Harvest Halloween dinner
  • Check out these amazing food events in your hometown
Pet Stores and Bloggers
  • Keep these dangerous foods away from your pets on Halloween
  • Costume ideas that your dog won’t hate wearing
  • Costume Ideas for your pets
  • DIY Halloween costumes for your pets
  • Calming an anxious pet during the Halloween rush
Financial Industry Halloween Ideas
  • Saving money on Halloween
  • Halloween industry and market financial stats
  • Consumers spending on Halloween
  • Terrifying money facts about Halloween
  • Don’t let your finances scare you this Halloween
  • A frugal Halloween – how to have fun on a budget
Businesses and Marketing
  • Marketing statistics on Halloween
  • Viral Halloween Campaigns
  • How to incorporate Halloween into the workplace
  • Fun workplace ideas for Halloween
  • Corporate Halloween party ideas


Now that you have an idea about promoting your products with a Halloween theme on social media and blog topics, also remember to dive into your local community when it comes to Halloween.  You could highlight local events, donate pumpkins for a local pumpkin carving or host your own local giveaway or contest.

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Legal Website Requirements – Templates For Your Website

Legal Website Requirements – Templates For Your Website

Having the proper legal structure for your blog or website is extremely important to protect yourself and your audience. When you create a website or a blog there is a legal obligation to protect those who visit your site.

A website should have the following considered:

  • Privacy Policy – If you are collecting personal information about your website visitors and then how you will use that information.
  • Terms and Conditions – Terms and Conditions on your website serve as a legal contract between you and the users of your site. This relates to how users can use your website, refund/exchange policies or your intellectual property rights.
  • Disclaimers – This protects you from any liability from the information that you are providing, as well as if you are using affiliate links.
legal website templates

Why You Need To Be Careful With Free Standard Legal Templates

Some of the free legal website templates out there can be either out of date or have inaccurate information.

Legal Templates For Your Website

Do you want a done for you legal template package or individual templates that are lawyer approved? Lawyer appointments are expensive and can take a chunk out of your wallet when you are first starting your business.

Amira is a lawyer, blogger and business coach behind the Legal Bundle For Your Website. and has developed an amazing stack of legal templates to help you. What is great is that she is not only a lawyer, she works very closely in the online space.

I completely recommend her products and these templates will save you time, stress and money. Most importantly they are both accurate and up to date with all of the proper information included. Amira also provides great customer service after the sale.

Learn more….

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Confidentiality Agreement

Legal Disclaimer Template

Independent Contractor Contract Template

Privacy Policy Template

Sponsored Posts Contract Template

Terms and Conditions Template

Amira’s Testimonials

Lisa A/K/A Elizabeth bought the Legal Bundle before she launched her first blog.

She says: Amira is an awesome and interesting person who is very professional and personable. She is not only an actual lawyer but also a blogger. So when it came time to build my legal pages I went all out and bought her legal bundle templates for my blogs because I needed all three legal pages and it is the best deal. I couldn’t be happier. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, THEM.

Legal pages such as a Disclaimer, Terms, and Conditions, and Privacy policy page are A MUST have for BLOGGERS and WEBSITE OWNERS.

It truly saved me hours upon hours of research and time trying to figure it out myself just to end up paying a lawyer for their time to look it over and make corrections
* This article probably contains affiliate links, which means I may receive a commission if you make a purchase, at no extra cost to you.  
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