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Frequently Asked Questions

What Services Should I Start With?

If you do not have a website I always recommend starting with one or a landing page.  A home base for your customers to reach you and learn about your products or services. Then we would likely work on branching out with 1-2 social media platforms using organic reach. 

Do you Require Long Term Contracts?

No, all contracts paid in full at the beginning of each month are month to month and only require 7 days notice for renewal.

Do You Provide Support and Teaching?

Yes in addition to services we provide consulting sessions which include template packages to help empower you to learn and implement your own marketing strategies.

What Price Range Can I Expect For Social Media Services?

Social Media Pricing Starts at $500 per month and increase per package you choose.  We can always work together to create a custom strategy that fits your specific needs. 

What Price Range Can I Expect For A Website?

Full website packages start at $1499 and $500 for a landing page. Custom pricing is also available. 


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