Do you have a creative mind and story telling abilities, along with a love for social media? Then you may have thought of becoming a social media manager? It is an excellent way to earn a living online and there are many advantages to this career choice. Without geographical boundaries, the possibilities of scaling your businesses to a new level is much easier than traditional marketing roles. You may even work with someone across the globe, just remember of course to post to the correct time zone!

However, there is a question that many of you probably have today….

It seems as if there are so many social media managers out there, so is the social media management market too saturated? Of course this is a legitimate concern, especially if you are taking a leap of faith to start into this ever changing and fast paced industry!

Let’s make a comparison first by looking at the real estate industry. Realtors from across the globe have earned a living for years by helping people buy and sell their houses. Every city has countless realtors, however, each year new students jump ship to become real estate agents. Populations in cities grow and more houses get built resulting in new business. The cycle continues to grow and, realtors are even restricted to geographical areas! For the most part realtors will only sell a home that they can attend to take photos for listings and show themselves, but a social media manager can take on business at any location. It is a virtual world that allows users to login anytime and anywhere.

New Businesses Are Created Every Day

Just like new homes are being built to buy and sell, more people are starting businesses everyday and these businesses need help with their social platforms and managing the content that is required on a daily basis. Managing these networks, responding appropriately, and managing outcomes through metrics and reporting is not a simple task that can simply be handed off to any internal staff member anymore. That is why a social media manager who is focused solely on acting as a voice for the company and growing these accounts is a great asset to a business.

Social Media Marketing Is Growing For Businesses

The domination of social networks makes it not only essential for businesses to be on these platforms, but to create quality content and engage accordingly. It is one of the most commonly used marketing tools used today and, in fact the total revenue of ad spending worldwide in 2016 was $32.97 billion and by 2020 more than seven out of ten users will use social networks. As we follow the trends and future predictions, you can rest assured that social networking will not be slowing down any time soon.

New Platforms and Changes To All Platforms

As new social platforms are continually being created and changes are occurring to current networks, more work is created for social media mangers. When a company hires a social media manager they know that the professional is well versed in all the current changes and updates when it comes to social media platforms. Keeping current on rules and regulations and what networks are best for each market is critical when it comes to social media success.

Create One Voice For The Business

The social media manager can create one voice for the business through a consistent content plan. Instead of having each staff member contribute to different platforms at various times, it is best to have a social media manager who takes the voice of the company and creates content and posts that work within the marketing plan that has been established.