Looking to schedule Facebook posts lately but can’t find the scheduler lately?  Facebook has made some changes with regards to how we schedule posts.

This has been replaced with the Creator Studio.  Facebook is essentially asking us politely us to use Creator Studio or they wouldn’t keep us from using the scheduler on our Facebook Business Pages.  As you can see below the Facebook Scheduler is not working anymore and you only have the option to Backdate or Save Draft.

schedule Facebook posts Creator Studio Facebook scheduler not working

Creator Studio adds more posting options to your Facebook Page.  Included in the Creator Studio is the Content Library, Insights, Message Inbox, Monetization, Rights Manager, Sound Collection, and Pages.  This allows you an easy to access platform for all of the Facebook Pages that you manage.  You can view all of your pages results on one dashboard or you can open up each individual page to look into their individual analytics.

How To Schedule Posts On Facebook Creator Studio

If you don’t see the invitation no worries just head on to facebook.com/creatorstudio

Once you are into the platform and want to schedule a post, you just have to do the following to start posting:

  1. Select Create Post.

  2. Choose what to post.

    • Selecting Create Post to publish non-video content.

    • Select Upload Video to upload and compose a video post.

    • Select Post Video Across Pages to upload a video and crossposted it.

    • The Go Live option will start a live broadcast.

  3. Choose a Page to post to.

  4. Compose your post and select Publish.

schedule facebook posts creator studio

You can even batch upload weeks of content at one time using Creator Studio.

Creator Studio for Instagram Scheduling

Facebook Creator Studio is also available for Instagram.  The option to schedule Instagram posts in advance was not available previously through the Instagram platform.  A third party such as Planoly was necessary.  Now that this option is available it is a game-changer for Instagram Planning.  It has most of the same features that are available for Facebook such as a content library, messages, and analytics.

schedule facebook posts creator studio instagram creator studio facebook creator studio

The bad news…

You won’t be able to use it on your mobile phone. Instead, the Facebook Business Page App will allow you to schedule posts on your mobile.

Overall the Creator Studio is a valuable tool for managing your Facebook Pages, Insights, and Scheduling all in one manager. The best part is it’s free to use!

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