When it comes to Social Media Marketing and COVID19 I wish I could give you a handbook, a take-home method to just propel your marketing and social media into a full success.

I would call it “The Social Media Posting Guideline during a Pandemic.” 

The reality is it doesn’t exist and even more, unfortunately, this deadly virus is not leaving anytime soon. Businesses are down across the board. Some are up. For example, those selling food, toiletries, media, and fitness equipment are seeing rocket high stats, and those sites selling travel, luxury items, and real estate saw record high plummets.

Is this the new norm? We don’t really know. All that I know is that we cannot dwell on what we can’t do right now as business owners and marketers, but what we CAN do is pivot in a way to make the best of it and come through with our heads held as high as we can. We do know that users are online more now than ever, and digital presence should continue, as your audience will want to hear from you.

Focus on Their Current Needs

Situations have changed and therefore the way we approach our audience should change to the situation. Start with updating your audience on your current response to the crisis.  How things may have changed for your business or what you are doing for the community. Next focus on their current needs and situation.  Are they working from home and frustrated with time management? Are they trying to stay fit during this time? Do they need reassurance about the future? It’s ok to talk about the current pandemic and address what is going on.  You might start off with a line such as:

“Need something to keep the kids busy while you are working from home?”


“It’s ok to not feel ok during this time. COVID-19 has affected us in so many different ways, especially those that are alone.”

Also, it goes without saying that images speak louder than most words.  When it comes to marketing the use of images should be relatable to the user. Stick with what’s relevant during this time and avoid photos of large gatherings, people holding hands, etc.

Don’t Be a Salesman

We understand that sales are the bottom line of your business to survive, but this might not be the best time to throw out aggressive sales pitches for your products and services.  There are more people out there just not ready to buy at the moment.  Take a back seat when it comes to your business’s needs and focus on them, meaning your customers and audience. This means engaging your audience, bringing to light their problems, and how you can solve them is a great way to enlighten your audience.   Heck, why not even throw them a freebie by hosting a contest. Not only can you give back to someone this way, but you can also actually gain following by throwing a few freebies their way.

Jeep creates awareness for their brand without selling with the #StayOffTheRoad Campaign.

The Positives

Many experts believe the economy will continue to crash and we go into a deeper recession.  Unfortunately and very sadly many businesses will close their doors. As fewer companies use paid to advertise such as Google and Facebook Ads, there is less competition for ad spots which normally drives the CPC (Cost Per Click) up. Less inventory and increased web traffic mean cheaper ads.

Nielson is seeing a 60% increase in the amount of content users watch during this pandemic, resulting in a larger number of people at home on a regular basis. This means even if your business is closed you can focus on business retention. Keep users aware of your brand. Consider increasing your brand awareness by testing new paid advertising when it comes to Targeted Facebook Ads with a small budget. According to eMarketer Facebook saw an increase of 70% increase in usage of all of its apps in the month of March.

Facebook Offer Ads

Many people are not ready to purchase today, or even in the near future.  However, there is still a method to reach potential customers with savings.  Facebook Offer Ads allow users to view certain offers and save for a later date by opting into Facebook’s notification system. It will send a push reminding them about the saved promotion. Offer ads are not available on Instagram, only Facebook.

Would you like a complete Facebook Ads Cheat Sheet with step by step info when it comes to the set up of your Facebook Ad account and launching new ads?  This is just one of the sheets included in the Marketing Biz Bundle a starter bundle and course when it comes to launching a brand online.  Get 25% off using code BIZBUNDLE25 (Code has since been extended)


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Google My Business Listing

Don’t forget to change the settings on your Google listing, in the case that your storefront is closed or hours may have been reduced.  Remember to Choose the “Temporarily Closed” and not the “Permanently Closed,” as well as the hours of operation. You can also update the network through a post option to explain how your services have changed temporarily.

marketing during covid 19

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Importantly, don’t forget to adjust any current campaigns that you have running on social media that may include content that is simply not a good fit at this time. Minding your tone can help you save face in the long term. You would not want to make an insensitive mistake at this time. Let’s all work together to be empathetic, compassionate, and just kind to everyone!

Stay Safe everyone!   Annelise :)