The current worker shortage that companies face right now is putting employers in a tough spot.  It is causing businesses revenue loss and other extreme challenges.  According to a recent article from the Financial Post Eight-four per cent of companies say they expect to face problems hiring this year, with almost one-third reporting they currently have open positions they can’t find anyone to fill.  Between running into skills gaps and no one applying at all, filling vacant positions is proving to be challenging.

So why the current shortage?

Many who were working before the pandemic are choosing to put a pause on returning to the workforce full time combined with the temporary halt of immigration due to Covid-19 also caused a dip in the labor pool.  Another reason is just simple demographics. Our baby boomer population is aging and most have moved into retirement age or have choose to retire early.

The lack of a workforce for businesses is causing burnt out staff, reduced holidays, cancelled orders and in some case loss of business when they cant operate during the intended hours that they would normally.  Throw in the pandemic over the last year and a half and the mix is almost impossible for some businesses to keep their doors open.

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Using Social Media as an Employer

What can you do on social media? Employer branding is more important than ever during this time.  In fact 68% of Millennial’s, 54% of Gen-Xers, and 48% of Boomers indicated they visit an employer’s social media properties specifically to evaluate the employer’s brand. Ensure that your company is present on social media profiles that will attract job seekers.  As an employer we all like to glance at a potential employees LinkedIn profile.  As a company you should be present on the profile and going beyond that as well with Facebook and Instagram.

Using social media apps to share behind the scenes in your business and workplace fun is a great way to share with potential applicants what a great workplace that you do have. Consider speaking with your employees and letting them share on social media what they love about working within your company. If you truly have a great culture then they will want to speak about it.

Once you have established your culture and your platforms  you can create a social media strategy. Remember to stay consistent with your postings and always stay true to your mission and values on social media. Want more information about social media management services for your business? Send us an email at hi@annelise.ca or visit our services page.