Smart Speakers – Google Home or Amazon Echo?

Smart Speakers – Google Home or Amazon Echo?

Time is one of the most valuable assets for most human beings. The concept of saving time sells and boy Amazon and Google sure hit the nail on the head when it comes to their smart speakers.  Put on your favourite music, order those items you need, make phone calls,  control other devices in your home or call your next Uber ride with one easy voice command.

Going into 2018 there is no denying the power of voice activated technology as it becomes imbred into our daily lives. It is likely we will soon be living in a world where a persons day is mapped out for them before they even get out of bed.

When it comes to smart speakers there is a currently a couple of models dominating the industry.

Everyone wants to know should I go with the Google Home or Amazon Echo? Here is a little more about the two big contenders:

The Amazon Echo Speaker – 2nd Generation

How does Amazon Alexa work? The Amazon Echo will tell you what the weather is, set your alarms, add items to your grocery list and read your kindle books as you get yourself ready in the morning.  Although the speaker takes your voice commands through its intelligent assistant “Alexa”, the name can be changed to “Amazon”, “Echo” or “Computer.” The Echo became available to users in the United States June 23, 2015 and September 28, 2016 in the United Kingdom.

Google Home or Amazon Echo amazon echo versus google home review



Amazon Echos Specifications:
  • Weight – 29.0 oz. (821 grams)
  • Size – 5.8” x 3.4” x 3.4” (148 mm x 88 mm x 88 mm)
  • Colour – charcoal, heather grey, oak finish, sandstone fabric, walnut finish

Google Home or Amazon Echo amazon echo colours

Amazon Echo Features
  • Built into home devices using bluetooth
  • Seven microphones
  • Beam-forming technology
  • Noise cancellation

The Amazon Echo requires a WiFi connection, an Amazon account and the Amazon Alexa App which can be downloaded on any smartphone or tablet.

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Other accessories sold separately:

TP-Link Smart LED Light Bulb

Echo Buttons – 2 Pack 

Wifi Smart Plug mini outlet

Fire TV Stick With Alexa Remote 

The Google Home Smart Speaker

The Google Home Smart Speaker was first released in the United States in November 2016 and in the United Kingdom in April 2017. It works much the same as the Echo using Google Assistant as its intelligent personal assistant to relay your voice commands. The Google Home works with features in your home, on your smartphone and other third party apps that may be connected to the device.

Google Home or Amazon Echo google home smart speaker review

The Google Home responds to your voice commands by “Hey Google”



Google Home Specifications:
  • Weight – 1.05 oz
  • Size – 9.19 x 3.79 x 5.62 Inches
  • Colour – white and silver, however you can purchase separately base colours: coral (fabric) or copper and carbon (metal)

Google Home or Amazon Echo google home base colors

Google Home Features
  • Google Assistant offers two voice options – male and female
  • Bluetooth captabilities
  • Top surface is colour changing
  • base of the device is removable to interchange colours
  • mute button at back to disable features

The Google Home requires a Wifi connection, Google Account and the Google Home app on your smartphone or tablet.

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Other Accessories Sold Separately:

Google Home Wall Mount 

Google Home Decorative Case Cover

Google Home Battery Base 

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