When we think of audit we think our wonderful taxes, but of course were not in that biz, this is much more fun! One of the most important things that you can do is create an audit for all your new social media clients.

What is a social media audit?

A social media audit gives you the current status of all your social accounts and the data that come with it. As for the same with any area of your business it is important to know if your time and investments are paying off and getting you results.

Why do you need to perform a social media audit?

Lets say that your clients social accounts had only 100 twitter followers, no Facebook page and maybe a decent following on Instagram of 1000 people. Knowing where you started with them and where you end up six months down the road, not only let you show the client the excellent accomplishments you have achieved them, it is also a great learning tool for your business.

Here is What Your Social Media Audit Should Include:

  1. All their current social media accounts with URLs, including total followers, following, current reach and engagement levels and amount of times posting per day to each platform.
  2. How relevant are they on search engines. When you search for a social account on Google does it show up and what is the latest content associated with that link?
  3. Who is currently accessing the accounts, posting and engaging.
  4. What are the current tools that the business is using for social media, if any. For example they may be using Hootsuite to schedule posts or Feedly for content creation.
  5. What are the current streams of communication for customer service on their social media channels? Do they have multiple people answering questions or is one single person in charge of customer service? Is anyone answering requests at all or how long is the anticipated wait time?


Congrats you made it through one of the first steps with you client! Taking the time to complete a thorough audit worth the investment and shows accountability on your part as well. Once your social media audit is complete, you can start your social media content plan and establish procedures going forward.